Unitarian Universalist Church of the Palouse


RE Committee Mission Statement:

"The mission of the Universalist Unitarian Church of the Palouse Religious Exploration committee is to guide and promote opportunities for personal, spiritual and intellectual growth and engagement for all ages."

420 East Second Street, PO Box 9342 Moscow, Idaho 83843 Phone: (208) 882-4328

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Religious Exploration at the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Palouse is a cooperative program relying on the assistance of a volunteer committee, volunteer teachers, and other volunteer helpers.

You may find you enjoy teaching, preparing classrooms, preparing lesson materials, cleaning up, being on the RE committee, or keeping the Yellow house organized.

Please contact contact RE Chair Mary Ellen Radziemski or our DLRE Ginger Allen at uucp-dre@moscow.com if you have a desire to contribute. Opportunities come up year around. We appreciate everyone who contributes to the Religious exploration program!

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Ginger Allen
Director of Lifespan Religious Exploration
UU Church of the Palouse
PO BOX 9342
Moscow, ID 83843
Office hours by appointment