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This Month’s Theme: Faith, Doubt, Trust, and Hope

June 4, 10:00 am Have Faith
Service Leaders: Rev. Elizabeth Stevens and Tara Howe
What does it mean to have faith? How do we nurture our faith in ourselves, in the human race, in creative possibilities? Do we have faith that everything will be okay? What are the gifts we find when we embrace our doubts, face our fears, and trust our own capacity to live lives full of kindness, goodness, and love?

June 11, 10:00 am Gospel Music Sunday: Gospel Hope
Service Leaders:
Jim-Bob Weddell, Rev. Elizabeth Stevens, & Sister Susan Irvin
Gospel Hope is the 19th annual eclectic Gospel Music Service at the UUCP when the music is the message. This Sunday we'll follow-up on Rev. Elizabeth's fall sermon on Hope. Come celebrate with Jim-Bob Weddell, Rev. Elizabeth Stevens and Sister Susan Irvin up front, Jon Anderson at the piano and the UUCP choir and congregation keeping it going. Special help from Natalie Greenfield, Jack Keller, Von Walden and Tina Hilding, Jellybeans, Joe Covill, and Mark Snodgrass. Potluck follows the service. Please bring a dish to share if you are able. Children are welcome throughout the service.

June18, 10:00 am Terror and Transformation
Worship Leader: Joseph Erhard-Hudson
How and why does religion become a source of evil, or a force for good? How does public religious expression lead to both war and peace? Joseph will explore these questions, and then explore cautious proposals for how Unitarian Universalists might take part in transformative religious dialog, and contribute to seeking cultures of peace in a blessed, broken world. This is the first of a series of "school reports" from Joseph, who is studying for ministry.

June 25, 10:00 am This I Believe About . . . Getting Older
Service Leaders: Members and Friends of UUCP
Celebrant: Peggy Jenkins
Those interested in contributing to this service should provide their contributions to peggy@jenkinsresearch.com or wcuucp@gmail.com by June 14.