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This Month’s Theme: A People of...Courage

October 1, 10:00 am Meeting Life with an Open Heart
Service Leader: Rev. Elizabeth Stevens
Worship Associate: Jamal Lyksett
Drawing heavily on the book True Refuge by Tara Brach, this service will invite people to let go of the strategies and techniques that we think keep us safe (distancing, categorical thinking, addiction, etc.) and embrace ways of being in the world that keep our heart open. What are the practices that help us learn to trust our own strength and resilience?

October 8, 10:00 am One Little Word
Service Leader: Rev. Elizabeth Stevens
Celebrant: Daniel Stevens
The Goldmine Youth Leadership School always includes in the opening worship an old Jewish story that includes the question: “What is it for us to do?” that is answered, in unison, “It is for us to heal the world.” However, as time went on, Goldmine graduates began talking about how this refrain made them feel responsible, and unfairly weighted down, and asked that a single word be added: “It is for us to help heal the world.” The act of adding this one little word means that our feelings of overwhelm at the immensity of the world’s problems no longer can keep us from doing the small things we can.

October 15, 10:00 am True Courage
Service Leader: Mary Jane Oatman
Celebrant: Rev. Elizabeth Stevens
Mary Jane is a Nimi’ipuu activist who, with her infant daughter in her arms, stood in the road to block the mega-loads and keep them from moving through tribal lands. We will hear about her experience, and perhaps be inspired by her example to become even more active in the native-led efforts to block the expansion of fossil fuels.

October 22, 10:00 am Elder Treasures
Service Leader: Rev. Elizabeth Stevens
Celebrant: Elisabeth Berlinger
We will meet and celebrate the Elders of our congregation- those who are over 80 years old- with gifts and song. We’ll also reflect on the changes they’ve witnessed in their lifetime, and give thanks for all of the ways their wisdom and experience enrich our lives and our community.

October 29, 10:00 am This I Believe, Finding Our Footing in the Face of Loss
Service Leader & Celebrant: Members of The Worship Committee
Within the framework of our “This I Believe” services, we will be exploring responses to profound loss of family members and/or friends. Several perspectives will be shared. A “Stones of Remembrance” ritual will help us focus our thoughts toward compassionate community response to loss and grieving.