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This Month’s Theme: Energy and Transformation

March 5, 10:00 am Letting Go and Moving Forward
Service Leaders: UUCP Youth
As we move into this new year and closer to Spring there are many things that are weighing us down that we need to let go, so that we can move forward. Join us for the annual youth service as the youth group leads us through a service of letting go and then moving forward.

March 12, 10:00 am Beginning in Spirit Play: Creating Our Circle of Community
Worship Leaders: Nancy Nelson and Ginger Allen
Reflecting on the spiritual lessons experienced by our youngest religious exploration class discover connections between their journey and yours.

March 19, 10:00 am Feeling Tones: Anger
Service Leader: Rev. Elizabeth Stevens
In our society, women are often socialized to avoid expressing anger, while men are taught that anger is the only acceptable emotion to express. This creates a dangerous imbalance. Anger belongs to all of us. It is simply our spirit’s way of letting us know that something is wrong: unjust, unfair, or intolerable. Learning to skillfully work with our anger offers us a powerful source of energy and drive in our work to build a better world.

March 26, 10:00 am Origins of Life
Service Leader: Rev. Elizabeth Stevens
Worship Associate: Pat Fuerst
All fields of scientific inquiry lead us to the edge of human knowledge, inspiring feelings of awe and wonder. In particular, reflecting on what we know (and what we can’t know) about the origins of life powerfully impacts our sense of who we are and why we are here. In light of the recent discovery of other planets believed by scientists to be capable of supporting life, this sermon topic (purchased at last year’s sermon auction) is especially timely.